Reservation Policy

Reservation, amendment or cancellation is available through this website . All reservations and transactions made through the Site are subject to the approval of Theeb Car Rental Company which is to refuse, accept or cancel any reservation or transaction for any or without reason, whether ( or not ) the booking has been confirmed, without any liability vis-à-vis you or any third party . The rental agreements between Theeb Car Rental Company and the users of its website shall be made exclusively through the Company branches websites . Theeb Car Rental Company will confirm all car reservations upon demand from the customer within 24 hours before the date of the rental . If the car is not available on time, the Lessee will be given an option to modify the reservation and will be given other options available for rent . Payment is available through the website and the total amount of the rental is determined at the exact time the car is returned because the amount depends on the type of vehicle, the type of insurance and any additional services required by the Lease.