Final offer price announcement for the shares of Theeb Rent a Car

The financial advisor, the lead manager Saudi Fransi Capital, The principal manager of the institutional underwriting registry, the underwriter, and the EFG Hermes, the institutional underwriting registry manager for the public offering of Theeb Rent a Car Company, announced that it has successfully completed the process of building the order book for the segment of institutions underwriting in the company’s shares, and that The coverage ratio amounted to (6010%) of the total shares offered, at a price of (40) riyals per share.

The participating entities have subscribed to all the offered shares, as twelve million nine hundred thousand (12,900,000) ordinary shares have been allocated to them, which represent 100% of the total shares offered for subscription as a first stage. With the successful completion of the first order book building process, as a second stage one million two hundred ninety thousand (1,290,000) ordinary shares, which represent 10% of the total shares offered for public and will be allocated to individual subscribers as a maximum.

Saudi Fransi Capital confirmed that it has completed, with the recipient entities, the Saudi Fransi Bank, Riyadh Bank, and the National Commercial Bank, all preparations for receiving investor subscription requests from the individual segment, which will be for a period of only one day, on 21/3/2021. Knowing that all information and details related to the subscription are available in the prospectus published on the website of the Capital Market Authority, and the Saudi Fransi Capital website