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Accident Assistance Service

Theeb Car Rental Company supports its customers from the time of their receiving the car from the company's branches until it is delivered after the end of the leasing period . In the event of accidents , God forbid , the company works through a specialized team to follow up with the competent authorities in order to exempt the client from carrying out certain procedures. The company calls upon its customers to immediately contact customer service immediately after the accident to intervene quickly and to contribute to the completion of normal procedures in such a case

Business Sector

Due to the specificity of leasing requests by government agencies and the private sector , the company has set up an independent department to provide the services required by these entities , and to meet their requests as regards cars , drivers in terms of type and number. In this regard we : - Provide the required number of cars at the request of the client . - Support events and conferences with the latest and most luxurious types of cars with the possibility of providing uniformed drivers . - Provide comprehensive insurance for cars as agreed in the contract . - We provide 24 hours service to replace the car in case of breakdown, maintenance or accident - God forbid .

Car Sales

The continuous care of the Theeb Car Rental Company for its cars has resulted in the vehicles' enjoying their lifespan, durability and readiness. This has resulted in a large demand for the purchase of vehicles that are excluded from service for the purpose of modernizing the leasing fleet . These cars are available for sale in Theeb Car Dealership which offers its 2 and under 2 -year-old carefully used cars for sale

Cross Border Service

Theeb Car Rental Company highly trusts its customers. This has enabled it to launch programs that strengthen its partnership with its customers . Cross-border service demonstrates the extent of this trust. This is one of the most important services launched by the company for its customers who wish to travel by the company's cars to many countries beyond the Kingdom's borders . Within a short period of time , the travel warrant is obtained and the traffic procedures are easily completed

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Limo Service

The limousine service is one of the services provided by Theeb Car Rental Company for its customers, through various cars such as family and luxury cars, with responsible and efficient Arabic and English speaking uniformed drivers . Limousine services are also available to the company's customers , especially government departments , companies , visiting delegations , visitors and tourists.

One Destination Service

One destination service - travel between regions of the Kingdom
In order to ensure the convenience of its customers, to provide services that facilitate their movement , and to shorten the time and effort , one destination service enables the possibility of traveling by car from one city to another city and the possibility of not returning it to the same branch in the first city , through the low-cost recharging service.

Raha Service

Respite Services - Cars for the Elderly and People with Special Needs
The elderly and the handicapped need vehicles with equipment that helps them to move easily and readily. The company has worked to provide these cars out its belief in the importance of serving all categories of customers and meeting their various needs and wishes In line with this, Theeb Car Rental Company has provided family cars equipped with wheelchairs to help customers move around easily, for free. Theeb Car Rental Company is the first car rental company to offer this service in the Kingdom.

Rent Car

The company gives careful consideration to its customers whether individuals or sectors since they represent an important number as to the Company's sales all over the Kingdom's Regions . In line with this, the Company strives to maintain its annually growing customer base through good prices and offers to suit individuals, private and government entities, as well as through providing support services. The company also deals with its customers smoothly and with great flexibility, enhanced mutual confidence, which made the company enjoy a large number of permanent customers great track record of permanent customers who are highly appreciated by the Company and stands as its source of pride.

Roadside Assistance Service

Since the departure of the car from the company's branch at the customer's disposal , the mobile maintenance teams stand ready to support cars that are in use by customers at any time . Mobile workshops move to service vehicles that are broken down , and repair them immediately if possible, or withdraw the vehicle in the event of complete technical failure , and replace it with another for the convenience of the customer and to facilitate his mobility.

Withdrawing the car in the event of complete breakdown and replacing it with another

Central Region: 0564074548
western region: 0564078252
Eastern region: 0564074548
Medina region: 0554447916
Accident assistance service
We provide our assistance in the event of an accident, God forbid, as the follow-up matters are taken care of with the competent authorities, and in order to achieve the maximum possible help, we urge you to contact us as soon as something happens, God forbid.
Central Region: 0500155279 /0551607080 / 0501607080
western region: 0554447915 / 0504447915
Eastern region: 0564074562
Medina region: 0504447916

Vehicle Care

مثلما تحظى سيارات شركة ذيب لتأجير السيارات برعاية على الطريق، فإنها تحظى أيضاً بدعم كبير حين عودتها إلى فروع الشركة، حيث تدخل السيارات المستلمة من العملاء إلى مراكز الصيانة الرئيسية المنتشرة في مدن المملكة و مراكز الصيانة السريعة ، لتفقد حالة المركبة، و فحصها و تجهيزها للعميل القادم، وذلك على أيدي فنيين متخصصين، مما يجعل مركبات شركة ذيب تتمتع بجاهزية وأمان كبيرين. كما و تخضع سيارات شركة ذيب لبرامج الصيانة و المتابعة المقدمة من وكلاء السيارات في المملكة.