We strive to spread systematically and deliberately on spatial need basis, and in Saudi Arabia we have 37 branches across the Kingdom major provinces and the international and regional airports, in the central province we have 13 branches serving central, East, West, South and North of Riyadh in addition to a branch designated to serve governmental departments and private sector in addition to Theeb used cars showroom.

In the Western Province there are 12 branches, eight of them in Jeddah, and two in Medina and one in Taif airport and another in the city of Yanbu. As for the Eastern Province, the spread of branches depend on areas where 7 branches are distributed in Dammam, Al Khobar, Jubail and Al-Ahsa. In the Southern Province there are 4 branches that are Abha, Abha airport, Al-Bahah, Jizan, and finally a new branch was opened in the Northern Province in the city of Tabuk.

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