Inauguration of “Theeb Rent a Car Sales” Show in Riyadh



Theeb Rent a Car Co. opened a new Auto Show to sell used cars in Qadisyya, east of Riyadh as the Branch will sell all different types of used cars after the expiry of their useful rental life.

“Theeb Used Car Sales” is one of the main sectors affiliated under Theeb Rent a Car as this sector sells used cars, noting that the Company sells cars individually or wholesaling through envelopes. 

Used car sale branches in Riyadh and Jeddah offer cars for sale from different types, brands, and sizes whether ordinary or luxurious cars. All offered cars are of excellent conditions, high efficiency, and excellent service history. These cars were under, throughout the usage (rental) period, periodic and permanent follow-up by Company’s service centers. The cars were also under continuous maintenance and inspection as per the car dealers warranty conditions.

Theeb Rent a Car is one of the key business sector supporters in the field of car rental as it provides both government bodies and private sector companies with a wide range of car rental solutions and services through short-term and long-term car rental. The Company also incorporates a broad base of clients amounting to 300,000 clients. The Company started its activities in car rental in 1991 and grew to become one of the main leaders in the field as it operates currently more than 51 branches including 20 thousand vehicles of more than 84 brands. These branches are geographically distributed all over regions in the Kingdom including 14 branches in International and Domestic Airports. 

It is to be noted that Theeb Rent a Car announced several days ago the modernization of its car fleet in different cities in the Kingdom with more than 2000 cars, model 2022, from key brands and marks, with a view to offer the latest vehicles in line with the Company strategy targeting the periodic development and modernization of its car fleet to respond to the needs of the clients. Theeb Rent a Car Co. is committed to advance its car fleet annually with the latest international brands in all its branches distributed all over the cities of the Kingdom including the latest luxurious brands and models.