Theeb Car Rental organizes THEEB Padel with a regional and international participation



 Theeb Car Rental organized the THEEB CHALLENGER, in cooperation with the Padel IN courts, and it lasted for three days, from 10/11 to 12/11/2022, with the participation of players from different regions around the Kingdom, as well as regional and international participation.

The number of teams participating in the challenge was 172 of 344 players. The winners were as follows: from category A, Sattam Alshahrani & Pablo Gomes after a final with Faisal Alrebdi & Dani, and category B, Abdulrahman Abo Rahmah and Ahmed Aqeel, after a final with Mansour Arebdi & Rakan Alshahrani, and category C, Salman Alshahrani and Hossam Al Anqary, after a final with Hossam Muhammad and Muhammad Alqady, and from category D, Yazeed Al Othman and Faisal Al Othman, after a final with AbdulAziz and Omar Hassan.

The tournament’s prize money was distributed to the winners who reached 50 thousand Saudi riyals. The tournament matches were characterized by pleasure, enthusiasm, and strong competition among the players who showed their great skills in controlling the ball with the bat, and there was very popular among the public, achieving the required success.

The paddle is one of the most growing sports in various countries of the world, and It also has a significant spread across the Gulf and the Kingdom, as it brings together squash and tennis, making it a favorite for many youths. The sport differs from well-known ground tennis and is usually played doubly on a closed court 25% smaller than the tennis court’s size.

The sport is getting popular throughout the Kingdom, with a significant increase in its courts, especially in the cities of Riyadh, Jeddah, and Dammam. In this regard, Theeb Car Rental was interested in the sport to organize the Theeb challenge which has achieved great success.

Theeb Car Rental, is one of the leading companies in the car rental industry across the Kingdom as well as the whole region, having a broad base of clients of different groups and sectors, as well as individuals. The company also has a great collective experience of over 30 years where it was launched back in 1991 and proudly owns now more than 24 thousand cars.